4 Reasons Why I Am Not Judging You


  1. Courage  -  I know it takes bravery to take the steps to even make an appointment to see a counselor. Going to a stranger to reveal your concerns/secrets/thoughts/feelings? Frightening! Maybe someone enthusiastically recommended a counselor to you, but you do not know if it will feel the same for you or if it is even what you need. I applaud your willingness to seek help.  Every client walks in my door gets my respect. You are brave!  
  2. Humility  -  I am human, just like you! I may have gone through what you have, or I could have a loved one that has been where you are. You aren't alone. I also realize that I could be in your shoes in the future. I did not get into the counseling field to judge you. I do promise to get to know you and earn your respect. Then we can look at the choices you are making with a critical eye and use discernment to determine what life changes could benefit you.
  3. Compassion -  I genuinely want to help you. Counseling salaries are not usually lucrative. I would do this for free if all my bills could still be paid. That means that I am doing this because I want to counsel. I have a heart for hurting people. I even spend my spare time reading to educate myself on the latest research. I want to know if there is something new that I can use to make my client's life better.
  4. Experience  -  You will not be the first person to tell me that you look at pornography, or cheated on your significant other, or do drugs, or that you cannot find the energy to even wash dishes. I have not dealt with every possible problem that exists, but I am willing to listen and learn how I can meet you where you are. I can offer you hope and encourage you along the way. I can work with you to find a way to endure and/or resolve your situation.  

I hope that knowing these 4 reasons why your counselor is not judging you will give you relief in seeking counseling. May I also suggest that if you do feel judged by your counselor, tell him or her how you feel. If you do not get the response you are looking for, feel free to tell them goodbye! There are plenty of wonderful and effective counselors. Don't waste your time or money on someone that you do not feel comfortable with.