Do you experience Depression?

Do you feel sad, hopeless or maybe even angry?

Depression can look differently from one person to the next but it usually interferes with your daily work. You may miss work more or feel less productive when you are there. Depression can affect your relationships and your physical health. 

It’s a normal part of life to feel down sometimes. We all face sad and stressful events in our lives. Feeling miserable all the time is not normal and should be addressed. 

Maybe you feel that you are not even the same person you were months or years ago.

There are different degrees of depression. Consider these questions:

Do you feel depressed most of the day? 

Have you lost interest in most regular activities? 

Have you had a significant weight gain or loss?

Has your sleep changed - do you sleep too much or not at all?

Is your thinking or physical activity slowed?

Do you feel fatigued or have low energy most days?

Do you experience feelings of worthlessness or guilt?

Do you struggled to make decisions or in concentrating?

Do you have recurring thoughts of death or suicide?

Depression may be much more common that you might think!

Depression affects 1 in 20 Americans. You are not alone! Take a deep breath right now. 

Why do I feel depressed? There are many commons reasons why people struggle. Trauma, brain structure, medical conditions, stressful events and abuse of alcohol and drugs are some common causes of depression. 

Depression  Treatment

Treating depression can help you face challenges in your life in a more balanced way. Counseling and therapy to treat depression may feel like a lot of work but it’s worth it. I hope to put you at ease in our first session.

What do we do in therapy? 

The approaches that I take often include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, stress management, behavioral therapy, and relaxation techniques. We look at what we can add to your life and what needs to get gone! We just are looking for that balance. For peace. Joy. Happiness. Contentment. How does that sound? 

There is hope...

I want you to be able to better understand how you handle things in your life. I want you to understand the other people in your life. Maybe set up some new boundaries. I want you to embrace your strengths and your weaknesses and look forward to your future. 

I have witnessed clients become more courageous and empowered in their lives. I support and encourage them on their life path.

(Feel free to listen to my podcasts so you can hear my voice and get a feel for whether I might be a good fit for you.) 

I want to help - 

I would be honored to help you wade through whatever junk you feel you are dragging around. Let’s get you out of the pit and into the sunshine.

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