Do you experience Anxiety?

Feelings of anxiety can be draining. Exhausting. It can affect your relationship with your family, friends and co-workers. 

Anxiety may look different in you than in a friend. You may simply feel nervous a lot of the time. You may feel completely anxious ALL of the time. Your friend might be cool as a cucumber and you then wonder what is wrong with you. 

Maybe you feel that you are not even the same person you were months or years ago. This may cause problems with your relationships or issues at your job. 

Often people dealing with anxiety notice that they just want to isolate themselves. If you are normally introverted, you may feel like you just want to be a hermit and get in bed and cover yourself up. 

If you are usually outgoing, you may be less likely to want to spend the time with others. You may not even have the energy to do it. 

Some people with anxiety may feel hyped up and run around doing everything and more but they might say they feel kind of “crispy” or “burned out”. Many say that are irritable and snappy!

Anxiety can cause nervousness, restlessness and feelings of being tense. It can affect your breathing. Anxiety can cause increased sweating, trembling, weakness and lethargy. This can lead to difficulty sleeping, not thinking clearly and digestive problems. Add all these together and you might wonder if you are “crazy”! 

Anxiety often brings up feelings of fear and worry. It can often lead to a panic attack where you literally think you are having a heart attack and are going to die! 

Anxious feelings are much more common that you might think!

You are not alone! You probably have not gone crazy either. Take a deep breath right now. 

Why do I feel anxious? There are many commons reasons why people struggle. I see clients that have gotten into patterns of behavior that they have learned from it being modeled to them. They may then carry that into a relationship. Some people have communication challenges, low ability to handle stressful events, or pressure put on them by society. Many times I see where the lifestyle choices we make set us up for anxious side effects. 

Anxiety Treatment

Treating anxiety can help you face challenges in your life in a more balanced way. It’s all about balance. As a child, did you ever tried to ride a bike or see-saw with a friend? It took a little bit of work, some finesse and a whole lot of practice but you probably got it down pat. You may have gotten a little scratched up or landed on your bottom but you survived it. Counseling and therapy to treat anxiety may have some scratches and bumps in the road but I hope to put you at ease in our first session.

What do we do in therapy? 

The approaches that I take often include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, stress management, behavioral therapy, and relaxation techniques. We look at what we can add to your life and what needs to get gone! We just are looking for that balance. For peace. Joy. Happiness. Contentment. How does that sound? 

(You can read more about “me” at the bottom of the first page of the website and how I work in therapy. Feel free to listen to my podcasts and get a feel of what I sound like and see if I seem like a good fit for you.) 

There is hope...

I want you to be able to better understand how you handle things in your life. I want you to understand the other people in your life. Maybe set up some new boundaries. I want you to embrace your strengths and your weaknesses and look forward to your future. 

I have witnessed clients become more courageous and empowered in their lives. I support and encourage them on their life path.

I want to help - 

I would be honored to help you wade through whatever junk you feel you are dragging around. Let’s get you out of the pit and into the sunshine.

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