The Pert Plan Podcast

(This blog is an abridged version of The Pert Plan Podcast. You can find the podcast under the link in the menu.)  

So what’s this podcast all about? I have had some clients jokingly say that they wish they could have a Pam CD to listen to in the car or take me in their pocket or pocketbook (that is what a purse is called for all my non-southerner friends).  I was inspired to make a podcast for them to listen to. A podcast? Me? Southern talking me? I say “own” the internet instead of “on” the internet. Would anybody even want to hear my voice? I know I can’t bear to hear myself talk. I asked my husband and he assured me that it was a good idea and since I usually use my nice voice on the phone, it would be fine.  So here I am. If you don’t like me or my voice, I know there are other podcasts you can listen to so best wishes to you on your journey! 

If you are still hanging around, let me tell you a little bit more about what The Pert Plan is, and what vision I have for this podcast. Years ago I was reading Philippians 4 in the Bible where the author says to not be anxious about anything, but to pray about it and you will experience peace. Then in verse 8, it lists a few things to “think about” - there were 8 words listed and I thought maybe I could come up with an acronym to remember those things I could think about. 

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.”

That's when I ended up with The Pert Plan - pure, excellent, right, true….praiseworthy, lovely, admirable, and noble. Some of those are a little old fashioned but I think we know what those mean. From another point of you, you could look at it focusing on good things as “higher thinking” or “evolved consciousness” or a “higher vibration or frequency”. Basically, all of these involve more positive thinking. 

Are you old enough to remember the Pert shampoo commercials? I just remember “bouncing and behaving hair”. The definition of pert means lively and attractive or cheerful and self confident. Don’t we prefer to be around people that are pert as opposed to not? I mean, there are some annoyingly persistently pert people and you may just want to kind of go pop them on the top of their head to bring them back to reality. But, generally, there is probably someone out there that you can think of that is a nice balance of realistic and encouraging, right? That’s my goal for myself and for you. To be pert - more days than not. Most days have enough trials and low moments in them so I think starting the day off on a positive note would be helpful in not only surviving, but thriving in our day. There are some very hard days, weeks or seasons in our lives that are not what we would consider PERT, but hey - we all need goals, right? Even if it doesn’t seem attainable to you at the moment, I believe we can get you to a better place. 

In counseling I use cognitive behavioral therapy and teach the link between cognitive (our thoughts) and our behavior. Have you ever found yourself thinking of stressful, sad or mad things and your body gets stressed from it? You may have physical symptoms that you don’t want. There is a link between your thoughts and your body. What if we tried to turn our thoughts from a negative into a positive? What if your thoughts energized your body or got you to a peaceful, calm state? It’s possible. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to get there but you can do it. 

So, I think that if I can provide you with a 5-10ish minute podcast for you to listen to at the beginning of your day, maybe it will be a benefit to you. I love quotes - especially all those million Pinterest quotes or memes you see online. I’m not that creative but I love to share them. I will give credit to those that do create those funny or thought provoking posts. I’m also open to suggestions on what you would like to hear on these podcasts. You can email your comments to

I won’t be counseling you but I will inevitably use some of the things I say in my counseling sessions. As much as I love to laugh, I am also a serious person. I love sarcasm, without hurting anyone.  I want this time together to at least be a fun few minutes in your day…. helpful, to help you not feel as alone as you might be feeling at the time and at best, I would love for our time together to be inspiring. I also want our time together to point us toward how to look at pain in our lives in a more positive way. I want us to get motivated to make changes that we want. Maybe at first we just think about “thinking about getting motivated”. For some it is a quicker process than others and that’s just fine. I know that I am daily inspired by the work I see my clients doing! 

Even if the podcast touches on “hard stuff”, I will try to leave our time together on an uplifting note. A perk point of view. 

I will ultimately end each podcast with a little deep breathing. You may have NO idea how effective some simple breathing is for your body! Or maybe you do - maybe you do yoga or meditate BUT I won’t be doing that on here. Just a few guided breaths to clear the ‘ol mind and get the body moving.